Akrotiri Beach Hotel
Akrotiri Beach Hotel
Akrotiri Beach Hotel
Akrotiri Beach Hotel
Akrotiri Beach Hotel
Akrotiri Beach Hotel


Paleokastritsa is located 24 km from Corfu town. The resort is considered one of the most picturesque parts of the island.

The tree coated cliffs divide the coast into 6 bays. There are many hidden caves and small bays for guests to explore. Due to its unique beauty Paleokastritsa was linked to many myths ,such as Homers hero ,Ulysses

The hotel has taken its name from the peninsula on which it is built, Akrotiri is the Greek word for peninsula. On the west side of the hotel you can find the “Agia Triada" beach. This public beach is organized, with parasols and sun-beds available for rent. Guests can reach the beach by using the hotel  lift and then descending a few steps.

On the east side, a set of small platforms carved into the cliff create the “Rocky Beach” . This perch is accessible only to hotel guests and is preferred by more adventurous swimmers , as the water is deeper in this part.

Thanks to its diversity, the resort of Paleokastritsa, is suitable for everybody. Some points of interest include the monastery of Paleokastritsa ,which is a 20 minute walk from our hotel. There is a museum of byzantine art on the premises .  Following a hiking path that leads to “Lakones” village, you can admire a panoramic view of all the area of Paleokastritsa and the bays. Another sight worth visiting is “Angelokastro,” a byzantine castle built on the cliff ,which is just past the village of “Krini". When visiting the beaches in the area, taxi boats offer tours to bays that can be reached only by sea.

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Η επιχείρηση ενισχύθηκε για τον εκσυγχρονισμό της στο πλαίσιο του Επιχειρησιακού Προγράμματος «Ψηφιακή Σύγκλιση».
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